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We are a company based in Coral Springs, Florida.We have improved our customers' experiences by providing talented people. Our continued rapid growth is proof of the superior administration and skill our customers receive on a daily basis. Our consumers may rely on the outcomes, association, and management that CNIT delivers in a rapidly changing environment. By partnering with CNIT, your company will have a consistent and reliable partner that it can rely on for knowledge, support, and the ability to advance its operations.

We pledge to work closely with each customer to swiftly locate and hire the engineering talent necessary to ensure the success of their projects.

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Our process

Step 1

Speak with our specialist

  • Through consultation, we get started. For a better understanding, find out the precise details of the client's needs and the project's technical components. Identifying the project's scope is the objective. technologies that you want to use

Step 2

Selecting Individual

  • finding the ideal candidate based on the project's scope. ensuring that the candidate is interviewed and that the selection process matches the skills with the job responsibilities. The procedure would take 1-2 days

Step 3

You are ready to go!

  • After the candidate has been placed, we will be there for you, offering any assistance you require so you can determine which choices are best for you. We'll be receptive to any recommendations

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